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Criminal Justice Research and Statistics Unit

The Criminal Justice Research and Statistics Unit is a shared service providing the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice and the Department of Correctional Services with analysis and statistics about the criminal justice system.  The Unit also has a relationship with the NT Police in the analysis and publication of crime statistics.  The Unit is hosted by the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice, and also provides support to the Department of Business in the analysis and reporting of alcohol-related information from the justice system.  Within the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice, the Unit is part of the Agency Coordination and Reporting Division, and reports to the Deputy Chief Executive.

Latest Crime Statistics

Northern Territory Crime Statistics are released on a monthly basis on the NT Police website. Website users can view statistics on the screen for their region, or download data tables. Previous releases of quarterly crime statistics are still available below.

Previous Statistics

Northern Territory Annual Crime Statistics

Department of Correctional Services Annual Statistics Summary

Detailed statistics on; the characteristics, offences and sentences of adults and juveniles supervised by the Northern Territory Correctional Services whilst serving time in custody or under Community Corrections supervision.

Northern Territory Wholesale Alcohol Supply

The Department of Business is now responsible for Wholesale Alcohol Supply. The latest information can be found on their website.

Statistical Reporting Regions

Research Papers

Review of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

In December 2015 the Department completed a review of the Sentencing Amendment (Mandatory Minimum Sentences) Act 2013.  The review assesses administrative data captured by the Northern Territory criminal justice system in order to examine the impact of the legislation on offending, re-offending, sentencing and justice operations in the Northern Territory.

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Association between criminal behaviour and experience of maltreatment as a child

This research explored the association between maltreatment as a child, as indicated by the receipt of a Northern Territory court-issued child protection order, and subsequent criminal offending as a juvenile and adult.  Presented at the 2013 Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology, from 10-13 November 2013 in Melbourne.

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Mandatory Sentencing for Adult Property Offenders The Northern Territory Experience

In 1997 the Northern Territory introduced a range of legislative changes that were commonly referred to as the mandatory sentencing legislation. This was seen as highly controversial both within the Northern Territory, and throughout Australia. This paper presents detailed statistics and a discussion of some of the major issues based on an analysis of data from the four and a half years during which mandatory sentencing was in force. More... (PDF, 273kb)

Recidivism in the Northern Territory: Adult Prisoners Released in 2001-02

The prisoner population in the Northern Territory has been increasing in recent years and a large proportion of the prison population are repeat offenders who have prior imprisonment records. This paper is intended to assist in understanding the issue of recidivism in the NT prison system.